Time: 6:30 PM Plant Swap
7:00 PM General Meeting

Location: Granite Presbyterian Church

Speaker: Randy Shifflett, Highways Chief
& Keith Link,Traffic Calming Program Manager

Topic: Roads! Bridges! and Traffic! Baltimore County Department of Public Works and Transportation

GPCA has asked DPWT to bring us up to date on road conditions and work status (if any) for Old Court Rd. (non-state portion), Dogwood Rd. , Ridge Rd, Wrights Mill Rd., Davis Ave., Granite Rd., Offutt Rd.,  Hernwood Rd., Furman Lane,  Bridges on Dogwood Rd, Wrights Mill Rd, Offutt Rd, Ridge Rd, Davis Ave.,  Mowing & roadside maintenance challenges. Traffic calming for rural areas experiencing heavy through-traffic (note traffic calming approaching Marriottsville Rd). We all see and experience what happens on our roads every day. Be sure to join us and bring what you know to this important meeting!