Serenity Ridge Natural Burial Site on Ridge Road

Natural Burial is one of the forms of Green Burial, an alternative, environmentally based method of burying our deceased.  This approach to burial is based on the concept of allowing the body to decompose and recycle naturally by using burial materials and containers that are biodegradable. These burials happen in special cemeteries or designated areas of traditional cemeteries and are subject to very specific requirements to ensure safety.

This burial concept was introduced to GPCA in November 2019 as a proposed use for the property at 2406 Ridge Road, a use not yet properly defined or permitted in Baltimore County. 

Since then, GPCA has been involved in extensive communication with the owners to develop a much more thorough understanding of this burial form and to agree on proposed County Council legislation to define it and allow it in RC 6 zones. GPCA represents the largest area of RC 6 zoning in the County.

Please see more information below:

The proposal for 2406 Ridge Road is still being worked through. Look for updates.