Date: 01/09/2023

Speaker: Ashleigh Knox , Hexed Honey Farm

Ashleigh gave an informative and fascinating presentation on the challenges producing high grade local honey.  Bees in general are threatened by pesticides and lack of sufficient native sources to pollinate.  Bee a are in decline due to diseases and parasites. Members are encouraged to provide native plants such as Joe-pye weed, bee balm, iron weed and goldenrod. They are further threatened by the stress experienced when trucked in massive quantities around the country to pollinate industrial agriculture operations ranging from Maine blueberries to California almonds.

Date: 02/13/2023

Speaker: Betty Walke & Peggy Cummings,
Baltimore City Master Gardener

Peggy Cummings and Betty Walke – Baltimore City Master Gardeners shared their expertise and a great slide presentation on “How to Design Pollinator Gardens”.  It included very helpful information on invasive species and encouraged Members to use native plants as a source to promote pollinators. A handout was provided on How to Design a Pollinator Garden. The Baltimore City Masters Gardeners and The University of Maryland Extension are resources for questions regarding pollination. The complete presentation and additional information can be found below

Native Perennials for Pollinators

How to Design a Pollinator Garden

Soil Preparation for a Pollinator Garden