Invasive Plants of the Patapsco Watershed

Diana Devers, Environmental Program Manager for Patapsco Heritage Greenway, discussed common Patapsco Valley invasive plant species, how to identify these species, as well as, their history, how to properly remove them, and native plant options to help with invasive species protection. 

Bay-wise Maryland Yardstick

Are you a bay-wise home owner?

The misuse of pesticides and fertilizers, lack of soil management, and poor plant selection can all contribute to the degradation of Maryland’s streams, rivers, and the Bay. By By changing a few simple landscape practices, you and your family can help keep Maryland communities healthy.

SWCC Report card, June, 2022

The SWCC has developed a volunteer sample program to monitor the water quality of our streams at 4 strategic locations, Bens Run, Brice Run, Dogwood Run and Granite Run.  These streams capture runoff from a large portion of the land area within the GPCA and represent a range of land-use, development, and watershed size characteristics. The report here summarizes  two years of water quality data.