Watershed Committee (SWAP/SWCC)

& Informational Resources

About the Committee:

During its’ short time of existence it has accomplished the following:

  • monthly informational article in GPCA Newsletter
  • 1st annual stream cleanup in the late fall 2017
  • provide speakers for GPCA meetings
  • contact like organizations to explore mutual areas of interest and cooperative action
  • coordinate efforts with Baltimore County Government

Why the Committee was formed:

The Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability issued the final Small Watershed Action Plan (SWAP) Report for our area June, 2017.  There are over 20 such plans in the County to address this important resource. Each small watershed feeds into a larger watershed, rivers and then the Chesapeake Bay. So what happens within each small watershed, even your property effects the health and vitality of all water resources and their environment. Which in turn effects our quality of life.

As part of SWAP implementation the County encouraged the creation of  ‘Small Watershed Community Committees’ (SWCC).  The committee works to raise awareness of Baltimore County’s Northern Patapsco SWAP within the GPCA community. It works to improve the water quality of tributaries to the Northern Patapsco River within/near it’s boundaries, through education and the implementation of best remediation and conservation practices. It is GPCA's best forum for communication and coordination with the County.

Please contact Bob Teller if you are interested in learning more about or joining the committee. 

Upper Patapsco River SMALL WATERSHED ACTION PLAN Volumes I and II April 2017

The report is in pdf format; available for viewing or download (link is above). At about 350 pages it’s a bit daunting to read all the way through. However, reviewing the table of contents and Appendix A: Volume 1 will give you a good idea of what all is involved.

Please follow the link below to navigate to the County’s Report page.


Useful Resources:  

Intersting and Informative Links related to Watersheds, Gardening - Including Rain Gardens , Lawns, Trees, Chesapeake Bay, etc. (more will be added and better organized as we collect the resources)

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